Twenty million dollars! The Australian government supports the plastic recycling industry.

August 26, 2019


The Australian government has announced it will invest $20 million to speed up support for the country's plastic recycling industry.The funding will be provided through the eighth round of the CRC programme.

British prime minister Scott Morrison says the money supports the government's plan to ban the export of waste plastics, paper, glass and tyres on a timetable.

According to recent figures, australians produce 103kg of plastic waste per person every year.Of this, only 12 per cent is recycled, and "most of it is recycled outside Australia".

"We are committed to protecting the environment of our country and improving our ability to turn waste into treasure," Morrison said.

"By attracting industry and researchers, we can see that these changes will help companies reduce costs and even ultimately create jobs."

Companies have until September 24 to apply for the eighth round of funding.